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Why Rent When You Can Own Your Own “Dream Home”!

  • No Bank Hassle – We Supply Financing!
  • We offer in-house financing with a flexible qualification process as low as $1,000/down! NO Security Deposit! NO Cleaning Deposit!
  • If you move your home into our park (not one of ours in inventory) we will provide you a cash move-in incentive up to $5,000 (depends on age, condition, size, etc. of the home).
  • Cash incentives can be used to a) move your home or b) as a down payment for a new home from an outside dealer or c) as a discount on our base rent.
  • There is a trend for seniors to sell their stick-built homes for $100,000 – $300,000 or more in order to downsize to a mobile home for around $15,000 – $60,000. If you sell your stick built house for, say, $300,000 and then buy a mobile home for $50,000, you pocket the difference of $250,000 cash. Your mobile home is then free and clear of any debt. You are left with only lot rent and utility costs. You can pocket the difference for future needs, vacations, or just for having fun!
  • We provide our own in-house financing which allows you a flexible qualification process. Please contact us with your phone number and/or email address and our manager will contact you.


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Why rent when you can own your own “Dream home”?

Buy your “Dream home” and build equity in your own home!
Turn those security and cleaning deposits required on a rental property into a down payment on your very own home!
In our welcoming and supportive community you will find pride of ownership and a strong cheerful spirit!

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